A growing solution for church engagement.

We bring together everything that’s required to help you communicate to your church effectively. Helping you reduce tedious church admin so you can focus on the more important things like building your church and advancing the gospel. You will find everything from organising rotas to creating bookable events a breeze.

A pocket full of features.

Helping your church seek God's heart daily.

Having the Bible built into the app really makes it easy for your church to read and study God's word. Your church can easily highlight and bookmark favorite verses or follow along to a plan.

You can set up a daily devotional plan for your church to follow or simply a list of scripture references to go alongside your preaching series.

Key features

  • Highlight and bookmark favorite verses with just two taps.
  • Create easy to use bible plans for your church to follow.


Bible screenshot
Keeping the church connected.

We've all been in that place where we've had to ask around for someone's phone number. Now, you can securely keep everyone's contact details together in one place.

Reduce the admin involved in keeping it up-to-date by giving your church the ability to update and share their own contact details.

Key features

  • Quickly search to find someone's contact details.
  • Users have control to update their own details.
  • Easily create users by importing a spreadsheet.


Keep track of what's on.

As great as slides and newsletters are, it's easy to forget a date for a key event. Now your church can find all your events in one place. They can even subscribe to a category of events which will automatically populate there own calendar.

Key features

  • Subscribe to events using your preferred calendar tool.
  • Create bookable events where you can check people in to a venue.
  • Easily embed events into your church website.


Organising key documents.

Whether it's a newsletter, the latest baby photo, or a gift aid form, Files are a great way to share documents with the rest of the church.

Upload and organise any document or image to your liking.

Key features

  • Upload images, pdfs, word publishing documents.


Keep your church connected and engaged.

So much happens within the church and communication is key to keeping everyone informed. Messages is at the heart of what we do. Wheteher you need to send a quick prayer request or an update on small groups, you can quickly create, preview and send a message to your church.

You can also crate message templates and set up specific groups to send messages to.

Key features

  • Send emails to everyone or certain groups within your church.
  • See how well messages perform by their open rate.
  • Save yourself time by creating email templates.


Worship together with ease.

Music replaces the mess of paper and binders with interactive chord charts where you can transpose songs, add readings and share with the whole praise team.

It includes various ways for people to view, whether it's just the lyrics or chords using a capo. There is even a teleprompt option.

Key features

  • Store song lyrics and chords in once place.
  • Transpose songs chords.
  • Create an order of service for people to follow along to.
  • Use as a teleprompt for video recordings.


Fuelling your church to pray.

Spurgeon once said: "If the engine room is out of action, then the whole mill will grind to a halt. We cannot expect blessing if we do not ask".

With this prayer feature you can easily cover the whole day with prayer. Individuals can sign up for specific prayer time slots and be reminded when their slot is and a helpful list of things to pray for.

Key features

  • Individuals can sign up to specific prayer time slots.
  • A handy reminder will out before before their timed slot with prayer points.


Keeping your church organised and involved.

Say good-bye to confusing spreadsheets and say hello to an easy way to help your church serve effectively.

With so many activities which go on throughout the week it's easy to loose track on who is doing what and when. With this rota tool you will look like an admin King in no time at all.

Key features

  • Create as many rotas as you like.
  • Be alerted if there is a clash or if people are working too hard.
  • Our helpful suggestor will help to avoid people getting burnt out
  • You can even try out giving our AI autocomplete feature and let us do the hard work
  • People can add the rota to their phone calendars which will update automatically
  • Your church will get a reminder to help them prepare


Making your events come to life.

The church is such a vibrant place to be with so much going on, why not bring some style to your notices so everyone is aware of what is going on?

You've probably used the likes of PowerPoint to inform your church what is going on? If so, you will know how fiddly it is to get it up on the screens and keep them up to date.

Key features

  • Consisten look and feel.
  • Create a slide from an event to save time having to recreate slides.
  • Remote control the slides from anywhere in the world.


Bring on the style.

Although we are all belong to one church, we all know we have our individual styles and looks. That's why you can customise the look and feel to suit your needs. You can also easily integrate events onto your church website.

Prices which won't make you squirm like a worm.

Church Pocket is a subscription based service which means you can cancel at any time.

Basic package: 3 features
£6 a month
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Special discount for church plants and small churches

The most important thing to us is that the church is growing. We know exactly what is it like if you are a small church or just starting out. That is why we offer churches under 50 members a 50% discount!

Basic package
3 features

a month

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